International Mobile SIMS

Nov 25, 2019|Technology

Business Mobiles go International...

The International Mobility Problem

When we started Qubiti one of the first things we sat down and discussed was the fact that a lot of UK businesses now have operations, offices and staff in countries all over the world.

These company’s need voice and data, machine to machine, IOT solutions etc, but using UK mobile carriers for this can lead to unreliability, expensive bills and restrictive roaming guidelines.

So how do we solve this problem?

Connect the International Qsim local airtime or data connection for your chosen worldwide country and add it straight on to your Qubiti UK bill it’s that simple

For example, you could have a selection of UK mobiles on o2, Vodafone, EE and Gamma on the same easy to manage bill as your mobile and data sim cards from your Belgium or Brazil offices. 

So, what is the Qubiti International Qsim?

Qubiti can provide international voice and data solutions with local airtime for both short and long term business keeping employees connected all over the world.

Qubiti’s international Qsim portfolio offers over 100 global networks in over 50 countries across the world, providing secure, fast, cost effective mobile and data connectivity for businesses travelling or based around the world.

International Qsim Features

  • Save on calls and internet usage worldwide
  • Local or multi-country SIM cards available
  • Fast internet connection - 3G / 4G speeds
  • Personal and secure connection
  • Pooling options available
  • Flexible commitment period: 1 to 24 months


From Austria to the United Arab Emirates Qubiti’s International Qsim cards have your business covered. For more info call us now on 01387442919 or email on