Reasons to use Social WiFi in your Business

Dec 23, 2019|Technology

Providing free WiFi to your Customers?

Free WiFi is pretty much expected everywhere we go these days, but how can businesses get a return on the service?

Social WiFi is different to a straightforward free service, it allows your customers to connect with your WiFi through their social media profiles. This is a win-win for both you and your customers. It enables a business to identify a customer and engage them in a way that suits everybody.

The Benefits of Social WiFi: 

Know your Customers

As soon as your customer connects to your WiFi service, instead of being presented with a normal splash screen, they get something that instantly asks them to interact with your brand. Customers can then use their Social Media Profile (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn or email) to connect to your network which is a one off task as next time they come back they'll be remembered but you'll still know they've returned. Even before logging in, when the user connects to your network, cookies are gathered. As soon as they sign in, your business is provided with some detail about your customer as long as they opt in.


Social WiFi allows your customers to share their location on their News Feed and tell their friends about being at your business premises. Assuming that every customer has at least 200 friends on Facebook and at least 10 people per day check in at your venue, the information gets to at least 2000 people per day. For example according to statistics 50% of people learn about restaurants and cafes on social media, so it is important to be present there. You can even have pre-constructed Facebook posts, which they can send out with one click.

‍‍Customer Feedback 

If you use Social WiFi, every person who logs in to your network can receive an email after leaving asking for their opinion. The customer could be able to rate their visit on a scale from 1 to 5 stars and additionally write comments, which will only be visible to the manager or restaurant owner with access to administration panel. A great way of hearing in real-time what is going on in your venue. 

Wi-Fi Marketing and Mailing

There are thousands of restaurants, cafes and bars in the UK. How do you stand out from the crowd?  After gathering customer data Social WiFi allows you to conduct active marketing campaigns in the form of mailings, which due to acquired data can be very specifically targeted. Social WiFi also makes it possible to inform customers about special offers whilst they are in your venue.‍

Build Loyalty

It is expected that by 2020 there will be about 24 billion devices connected wirelessly to the internet. For this reason, it is important to focus on WiFi as a tool not only for promotion, but also for building loyalty. If a customer leaves you an opinion, you can contact them, offer them loyalty points or a special offer and make them more attached to you. Re-marketing works in a similar way – if someone has already been to your venue, it means they are 100% part of your target audience. Having collected their information you can now use this for on-going marketing, for example through monthly emails, newsletters, promotions or coupons. If you incorporate a survey or questionnaire, you can also collect this data and begin building an improved picture of who your customer is, what they like and dislike, their product preferences and so on.‍

Customer Benefits 

By using their social media credentials to sign in to your WiFi network, the customer does not have to undertake the time-consuming process of entering all their details. They can be automatically connected through their social media. This means they get faster access to your loyalty program and discounts, amongst other things. Reducing the barriers for customers to connect is an obvious win for them.‍

Business Benefits 

Social WiFi opens the channels to the growing use of social media networks. Due to increased user engagement, ease of use for the customer and the collection of useful customer’s data, your business should see an increase in sales. Finally, collecting customers’ emails and having these automatically added to your mailing list means you’ve opened up an on-going communication channel with your customers.


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