Should you be providing company mobiles?

Nov 23, 2020|Technology

Why should your business be purchasing company mobile phones from Qubiti?


We understand that Company mobile phones are one of the most important investments you should be making for your business.  Technology can be complicated at times and yet is continuing to develop rapidly.  However, in order to remain a prospering business, it is essential to take advantage of the benefits that these new technologies can offer you. With cloud storage, internet file sharing and hosted voice services these technologies can offer massive benefits to your company and allow you to work fast and efficiently.  Here’s why you should be introducing business mobile phones into your business.


Business phones offer remote working opportunities


Business Mobile Phones - o2, Vodafone, EE, Gamma


Now that the internet can be quickly and easily accessed, long gone are the days when employees can only complete their work under the same roof.  Although office jobs are still very common, there has also been a colossal increase in remote working over the years especially 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions.  This increase is most likely supported by the continuous improvement of network capabilities.  The remote working strategy can be implemented into all manner of jobs and can offer employers and employees many benefits including increased staff retention, a wider talent pool, happier employees, environmental benefits and reduced office costs.  By collaborating remotely, employees and clients have increased flexibility alongside being able to distribute expertise nationally or even internationally if using the correct equipment.


If your company is engaging or planning to engage in remote working, a business mobile contract is essential to equip your employees with.  By owning a company phone, employees can stay in-touch via calls, emails and messages and can make use of the many advanced services that are available.  Meetings and deadlines can be arranged via shared calendars, group calls can be made through internet-based applications and general conversing can be completed through money-saving business mobile phone deals which companies such as Qubiti can provide at highly competitive rates.  Business mobiles are guaranteed to optimise the benefits which can be reaped from remote working by encouraging regular and more reliable communication and networking.


Access emails and messages on the move


Emails have remained the most predominant form of business communication for years and with the development of on-the-go networking technology, is still commonly used in and out of work hours regularly.  Alongside email, the use of business-related social networking has also increasing – with this in mind, it is important that employees have access to business emails and business social networking profiles whenever they require it.  Before the increased use of mobile technology, email and other web chat platforms were not the most reliable forms of communication when it came to contacting colleagues outside of work hours or when they were out-of-office.  However now with the use of advanced technology, software and internet access on-the-move, employees can access their business emails and messages even when they are not physically present.  This means that if written information needs to be relayed at short notice, emails or social networking messaging platforms can be relied upon for contacting the desired recipient.  Business mobiles provide workforces with the ability and flexibility to communicate and access important information whilst they are away from their desk – therefore potentially increasing staff productivity.  No matter what type of business you are part of, good communication is essential in order to be successful and your company mobiles can help you achieve this.


Company mobile phones from Qubiti 


As a telecommunications provider we have a whole host of business mobile phone deals for you to choose from.  The team at Qubiti will work closely with you to determine the right mobile solution for your business.  We understand that every business is different when it comes to communication strategies which is why we strive to remain as flexible as possible.  Our main goal is to meet your requirements, so we will work hard to ensure we can create you a mobile phone solution that ticks all the right boxes for you and your business.

Business mobile phones should be a cost-effective and worthy investment for your business, so we work hard to ensure our business mobile phone deals remain competitive.  With a wide range of Sim only plans from 30 day rolling to 36 months on o2 , Vodafone , EE and Gamma you can choose the perfect mobile solution to fit your business.

We have been working closely with customers new and existing to help educate them in better ways to procure and meet their mobile requirements.  Recently we have provided savings from 20 to 50% to our customers along with greater flexibility and hardware choices.

In order to make sure your networking strategies within your workforce are reaching full potential, it is important to make sure your team is working with the best devices for their requirements.  To accompany our fantastic mobile sim deals, we also have access to some of the best smartphones on the market.  Ranging from Androids to I phones, these high-quality mobile phones can be procured through leasing and DaaS (Device as a Subscription) service.  Read more about this on our Ditch the Mobile Tech Fund Blog - Click Here


Should you purchase Qubiti company mobiles for your business?


When it comes to making the decision as to whether or not you will be investing in company mobiles, we believe it is important to take your time.  Analyse how your workforce already communicate, whether flexible or remote working is an option for your employees, and if there is a need for conversing on-the-move – business mobile phones can provide excellent benefits to companies, but only if they need the strategy in the first place. For example, if your company has a workforce that regularly travels or regularly converses with those who are travelling, equipping them with business mobiles can optimise productivity and efficiency. Additionally, if the jobs within your company do not necessarily need to be completed in the office, then business mobiles could open up opportunities for more flexible hours and remote working for your team.

Here at Qubiti, we use our own decades of experience and expertise in the telecommunications industry to help you find the best solution for your business. We will talk you through all of the various options available before helping you determine which strategy will benefit your workforce the most.


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