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Creativity & Design

First impressions count – it’s an old saying but it’s as relevant today as it ever was. Our skills are providing your business with the 'Q' factor in your working space, whether it’s an office, hotel, restaurant or even an airport!

We will help you create a living and working environment that inspires, promotes efficiency and supports your aspirations.  Our design Team use the latest software to accurately render stunning 3D concepts to help you visualise your new "Intelligent Space"

Furniture, Fixtures & Fittings

Our relationships with manufacturers, independent approach and buying power, means that we can provide the best solutions for your business. We recommended furniture, fittings and equipment on the basis of their quality, functionality, sustainability and robustness for the job.

Fit Out & Refurbishment

We can help you create a working environment that inspires your staff, promotes efficiency and supports your organisational and cultural aspirations. We aim to develop a workplace that is both practical and visually appealing to our clients and their needs.  

Our fit-out contractors combine their vast experience and access to vast resources with exceptional interior fit-out expertise. So, whether you’re remodelling, refurbishing or expanding, we've got you covered.

Facilities Management

Rather than dealing with numerous suppliers, contractors, tradesmen and costs, we can take responsibility for them all, giving you one point of contact for the logistics and management of your facilities. Our aim is to ensure that we proactively manage all of your facilities – ultimately helping to minimise your management costs and maximise efficiencies.

Recycle & Reuse

As a supplier and installer of new office furniture, we witnessed all to often the wasteful disposal of unwanted furniture and equipment. Our circular approach offers us the opportunity to further support our turnkey service while facilitating a more environmentally friendly and responsible way for our clients to dispose of and reuse furniture. It also gives us an opportunity to donate to worthy causes all across the globe.

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